• Atavir (Atazanavir Capsules)

Atavir (Atazanavir Capsules)

This medicine is used with other anti-HIV medicines to treat people 6 years of age and older who are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is a type of anti-HIV medicine called a protease inhibitor. HIV is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV infection destroys CD4+ (T) cells, which are important to the immune system. The immune system helps fight infection.  After a large number of (T) cells are destroyed, AIDS develops. This medicine helps to block HIV protease, an enzyme that is needed for the HIV virus to multiply. This medicine may lower the amount of HIV in your blood, help your body keep its supply of CD4+ (T) cells, and reduce the risk of death and illness associated with HIV. This medicine does not cure HIV infection or AIDS. At present there is no cure for HIV infection. People taking this medicine may still get opportunistic infections or other conditions that happen with HIV infection. Opportunistic infections are infections that develop because the immune system is weak.


Atavir (Atazanavir Capsules) Use

Take this medicine once every day exactly as instructed by your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will prescribe the amount of this medicine that is right for you.

Always take this medicine with food (a meal or snack) to help it work better. Swallow the capsules whole. Do not open the capsules. Take this medicine at the same time each day.

If you are taking antacids or didanosine (such as VIDEX or VIDEX EC), take this medicine 2 hours before or 1 hour after these medicines.

If you are taking medicines for indigestion, heartburn, or ulcers such as AXID (nizatidine), PEPCID AC (famotidine), TAGAMET (cimetidine), ZANTAC (ranitidine), AcipHex (rabeprazole), NEXIUM (esomeprazole), PREVACID (lansoprazole), PRILOSEC (omeprazole), or PROTONIX (pantoprazole), talk to your healthcare provider.

Do not change your dose or stop taking this medicine without first talking with your healthcare provider. It is important to stay under a healthcare provider's care while taking this medicine.

When your supply of this medicine starts to run low, get more from your healthcare provider or pharmacy. It is important not to run out of this medicine. The amount of HIV in your blood may increase if the medicine is stopped for even a short time.

If you miss a dose of this medicine, take it as soon as possible and then take your next scheduled dose at its regular time. If, however, it is within 6 hours of your next dose, do not take the missed dose. Wait and take the next dose at the regular time. Do not double the next dose. It is important that you do not miss any doses of this medicine or your other anti-HIV medicines.

If you take more than the prescribed dose of this medicine, call your healthcare provider or poison control center right away.

Working in compliance with FDA, our company is acclaimed across global market for exporting an excellent stock of Atazanavir Capsules. The medicine belongs to a group of medications called protease inhibitor. Atazanavir Capsules have excellent inhibiting activity against HIV-1 virus that causes AIDS. Available at reasonable price, these capsules are stringently inspected on the parameters of composition and effectiveness. 


·         Long shelf life

·         Offered in air tight packing


·         Brand : Atavir

·         Contain : Atazanavir Tab

·         strength : 300mg

Packing : 30 Cap Bottle











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Atavir (Atazanavir Capsules)

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