• Natacyn Eye Drops (Natamycin)

Natacyn Eye Drops (Natamycin)

The generic name of the drug is Natacyn Eye Drops (Natamycin). It belongs to a family of medicines known as antifungals. Natacyn is available in the form of a sterile ophthalmic suspension. The drug is a prescription medication, so you should buy Natacyn online only if it is recommended in the treatment by your doctor.


Natacyn Eye Drops (Natamycin) is indicated in treatment of fungus infections in the eye. The drug works by binding to Ergosterol (a building block in yeasts and moulds cell wall) and causing leakage in cell wall. This action of the drug leads to the death of fungal cells.

Your doctor will provide specific instructions regarding the dosage. The dosage of Natacyn differs with each patient. The recommended adult dosage of Natacyn is one drop in each eye, every 4-6 hours. If the infection is severe then doctor may recommend a dose of one drop in each eye, every 1-2 hours for three to four days. Thereafter, your doctor may recommend one drop in each eye, 6-8 times daily.

Wash your hands clean before handling the medication. Close the eyelids for some time after the medication is instilled in the eyes(s). Take necessary care so that you do not touch the tip of the dropper while administering the medication in the eye as it will contaminate the solution. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before administering the medication in the eye(s).


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Natacyn Eye Drops (Natamycin)

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