• Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets)

Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets) used

Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets) are used to treat several conditions that are the result of a lack of progesterone including menstrual disorders like, secondary amenorrhoea (menstrual periods that have stopped, are absent or irregular), dysmenorrhoea or painful periods, premenstrual syndrome and abnormal uterine bleeding, which occurs during the menstrual cycle instead of at the end. Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets) are also used to treat endometriosis (growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus causing pain and bleeding), infertility and spontaneous abortion (miscarriage); and are to counteract the stimulating effect of oestrogen on the endometrium, therefore reducing the risk of endometrial cancer, which can develop in response to oestrogen in women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopausal symptoms. Adding a progestogen with an oestrogen is thought to help the feminisation process for male to female transsexuals and Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets) is used as a component of transgender hormone therapy, to help stimulate breast development and reduce the production of testosterone.

Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets) work

Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets) contain dydrogesterone, a synthetic derivative of the female sex hormone progesterone, which means that its chemical structure closely resembles that of naturally produced progesterone and it therefore works in a similar way. Endogenous (naturally produced) progesterone is produced by the ovaries during the second phase of the menstrual cycle. It acts on the endometrium (lining of the uterus) converting the proliferating phase to the secretory phase. This causes the endometrium, which has thickened in response to oestrogen during the first half of the cycle, to stop growing and start secreting hormones and other proteins needed to maintain a pregnancy, if conception occurs; if not, levels of oestrogen and progesterone fall and the endometrium is shed (menstruation). The action of dydrogesterone in Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets) helps re-establish a regular menstrual cycle in conditions where a lack of endogenous progesterone causes menstrual problems, such as in secondary amenorrhoea and abnormal uterine bleeding; and helps in the treatment of infertility and spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) by stimulating the endometrium to prepare for a pregnancy and protect an existing pregnancy. Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets) act on the endometrium in all its locations to stop it growing, which alleviates symptoms of endometriosis including pain and bleeding.


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Duphaston (Dydrogesterone Tablets)

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