Privacy Policy

We  ourselves in placing our customers’ privacy high on our list of priorities. we make sure our customers’ privacy is protected and their personal information is kept confidential.

We only collect information with the full knowledge and consent of our customers. Even while using or disclosing the information, the customers’ consent is required unless otherwise specified by the law.

  • We only collect information that we require for specific purposes.
  • We hold ourselves responsible for maintaining and protecting all customer information that we are provided with.
  • We also make sure we provide our customers with appropriate security measures in order to protect their privacy.
  • We provide our customers with the information that we collect about them, upon request from them. We also have facilities whereby they can update or change any relevant information.
  • We also inform our customers about the policies we follow with regard to the collection, disclose and use of their personal information. We also address any questions they might have with regard to our privacy practices or procedures.

Collection of personal information

we only collect relevant and necessary information that we need to carry out our customers’ orders. This includes the following:

  • Personal information: Including  name, address, email id, home and cell phone numbers, occupation, employment status, etc.
  • Physical information: Including age, height, weight, sex, date of birth, etc.
  • Information about their physician: Their name and contact information
  • Medical history: Their own medical history as well as that of their family members, the existence and types of drug allergies, medications requested, details of their existing medications, etc.
  • Payment information: Including credit card information (including card type and number, expiry date and name of card holder), banking information (including transit and account numbers), etc.
  • Prescription information

Use of personal information

Customers consent is always taken before making use of their personal information.

Sharing of personal information:

Only when it comes to employing legal methods to collect a delinquent account, a medical emergency or suspicion of illegal activities do we legally access and disclose our customers’ personal information.

Security Measures

In our store we employ very strict security measures to ensure that our customers’ personal information is protected against inappropriate use, disclosure or alteration.

Keeping personal information up-to-date

It is highly important for our customers to keep their personal information up-to-date

Customers can modify their information in case they wish to make any changes or corrections in case of a clerical error on our part. Once the customer informs us about the incorrect or old information in their file, we carry out the necessary changes.

Updating the policy

Insertions and modifications may be made to the existing policy. If and when changes are made in our privacy policy and procedures, our customers can come to know about it